Love and Celebration

Wedding Honey
Chocolate caramels

To help you celebrate a very sweet day in your life we have 2 options for your wedding to your true honey!

Our mini jars filled with our unpasteurized Wildflower liquid honey. Caps in Gold, White or Black.

45ml $3.50 each
More than 100 $2.75 each

60ml $4.00 each
More than 100 $3.75 each

Our Honey Caramels are a unique way to enjoy honey, coated in delicious chocolate! The Caramels come in Plain, Salted or Roasted Pecan and can be a mix of your choice.

Most guests choose to decorate the jars or boxes themselves to be sure it matches their colours. Labels available for an additional 30 cents each.

Caramels: $5 each
More than 100 $4.75 each

Minimum 3 weeks notice. Shipping extra.

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