What People say about our Honey and other products…

“I like when my money supports local products and businesses.  Backyard Honey has awesome products – my favorites include Wildflower Honey (for my tea and baking), Creamed Honey (to spread thick on my toast) and Buzz Balm (to keep my lips moisturized).  I also love the beeswax candles – they smell amazing.  Thank you to the bees and to Backyard Honey for such sweet products!” – Tina

“Your chocolate covered honey caramels are the best caramels I’ve ever had! I purchase them through Mama Earth but if you have a retail space in Toronto coming, I’d love to know. Thank you for making them.” – Natalie from Toronto

What people say about Bee School for kids….

“Catherine is friendly and knowledgeable and keeps kids engaged by showing large visuals and beekeeping equipment throughout her talk. She does a good job alternating between her prepared remarks and responding to audience questions and reinforces learning by asking the audience questions, too. It’s obvious that Catherine enjoys what she does, and her enthusiasm is contagious. I recommend her for any group interested in learning more about honeybees and beekeeping.” – Anne, 25th Brownies, Waterloo

“Catherine has brought her bee school to my kindergarten classes twice over the past two years, and each year the kids just loved it. She is great at speaking to their level and including their questions in her talk. She is really enthusiastic about bees and covered the curriculum pieces I wanted addressed. The kids just loved being able to taste the honey and smell the beeswax. They spoke about the Bee School for many days afterwards!” – Alison

“Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing your time and knowledge of bees with my Kindies today, and a little taste of AMAZING honey too! Very informative and inspirational. Bee colonies are such incredibly advanced and intricate ‘communities’ and they deserve so much respect…for what they are as well as how we all benefit from them.” – Andrea

What people say about Honey Parties for adults….

“I found Catherine’s presentation on Bee’s and how honey is made to be very interesting and funny at times.   You can really tell how much she really cares about the bees and her work.   It was interesting to see how the different kind of bee products can be used in a holistic manner as well.” – Angela

“I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s presentation to us on honeybee’s She is a great ambassador for them! I came to her presentation with really no idea of basic info about bees or what to expect. What I learned about this amazing insect threw me for a loop as I kept dropping my jaw! Thank you, Catherine for so willingly sharing your knowledge. I highly recommend it!” – Gail

What people say about Bee Venom Therapy…

“My name is Nick and I have had carpal tunnel for 15 years. I had the standard operation on my right hand with no success my symptoms worsened, and I lost my job as a result of the deterioration in both my hands. I was told by the hand and upper limb specialist that I have a 15% disability in both my hands and more surgery on either hand was pointless.

That was in 2004 so since then I sleep about two-hour intervals and wake with the constant pain and numbness in both hands. In the summer of 2014, I was asked to try BVT by friends to see if it would help me. So, I overcame my fear of being stung by a honeybee and tried it. Believe me I had no thoughts of this being able to help me I was more concerned with letting someone sting me.

I had my right wrist stung once and went home that night and cared for the sting like I was instructed to. That night I slept for four hours and to my surprise my right hand was not numb or as painful as usual. My left hand still remained the same painful and numb. It was the first time in 15 years that I had relief from the pain and numbness of carpal tunnel. This had my complete attention and I started going on a weekly basis.

After a couple of weeks having my right wrist stung and steady improvements, I started having my left wrist stung as well. The results to my left hand took about three visits before I started to feel the results that my right side had. And I started being able to sleep for six hours or more without being woke up because of the pain and numbness that to me was a gift that is beyond words.

The strength and endurance in my hands has slowly and steadily improved and now I go when my hands need it. Sometimes I can go three or four weeks before I need to have my hands stung again. I have been able to get a job and depending on my workload determines how often I go for BVT.” – Nick

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